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The pastor's March 3rd sermon was not put on video.
You can download it here. Dealing with Disappointment

WE SAW GOD IN YOU….(From the Laurino Family)

“Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your GOD will be with you wherever you go. – Joshua 1:9”

On February 9, 2019 at around 11:15 pm, a disaster shook our family as the house we called and consider our home caught on fire while I was away taking care of my patients. Simoun was at the pizza place picking up an extra shift for his friend, Gray was at work, while Gail and Lloyd are miles away from home for school; and Edmund was left alone in the middle of his deep sleep as his body had to rest as he works 11 pm-7:30 am.

God was so good as he allowed Edmund to wake up to respond to the smoke alarm and to his surprise our house was already clothed with fire prompting him to jump out of the window. Nothing was saved, all went down. The things we worked so hard for years, our photos, our legal documents, jewelries, clothes, collectibles, shoes and everything were gone. All we got was what we were clothed in that night. It was a devastating life experience we as a family have witnessed. It's too painful and left us helpless and lost.

During this most difficult time our family has endured - God has moved in mysterious ways. He never allowed or gave us time to question him because He gave us friends and a church family who, without hesitation, offered and lent a hand to get us up on our feet. At this difficult time, the congregation and the family of the Setauket United Methodist Church represented by Rev. Steven, the Church Council, the Mary and Martha Circle, and every family and member of the church reached out to us and wholeheartedly gave us the help we most needed at this time.

Your generosity and kindness lifted us through this storm. We felt God's presence in YOU. Your thoughtfulness and overwhelming love and concern made our faith in Him stronger than ever as God used YOU for us to feel his presence. Words can’t express the gratitude we feel every time we think of the support you have extended to us. Truly, your love and concern and your help made us stand and face life's obstacles positively... and immensely uplifted us to look for a brighter light each day. Again, Thank You to the SUMC Congregation and every member of the church who prayed and shared a part of what they have, to lift us up to surpass this storm. Only Him, through Him, by Him, and with Him could we ever have done any good thing. To God be the glory!

Forever grateful,
THE LAURINO family (Edmund, Emalyn, Simoun, Gail, Lloyd and Gray)

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