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Good Morning Glorious God,

“What is your quest? Maybe you've acted upon it, maybe you haven't. Maybe it's crossing the finish line at a twenty-six mile marathon, where winning wasn't the goal but just being in the race and finishing it.

Or maybe it's writing a book, performing on stage, or being the best golfer ever or to learn how to be an EMT.”

When we are younger, folks always asked us "what do you want to be when you grow up?" I believe God places a divine desire in our hearts at an early age that becomes a beacon to follow like a medieval knight's quest. Well, just because "we're grown up" doesn't mean there aren't new quests for us to focus on. I hope this is the week we can set aside time toward the realization of our dreams, to conquer a new quest with God's help. May it bring new life, new excitement and hope for Christmas and the New Year.

We know you will hear our prayers Lord and strengthen the people we pray for. “Dear Gracious Father, we thank you for the life of Audrey. May Ruth and Bob feel the prayers of their church family as they bury his Mom today. We are grateful for the peace and rest and restoration you have given Audrey and may your comfort strengthen the Cabble family. Amen.”

Our prayers are with Bonnie Ticano and Murray Naviloff. Murray has returned to the hospital with heart failure and a blood clot. We ask God to guide the family and doctors in providing care for Murray. May God's comfort, courage and strength surround them all.

Nancy and Jed ask for your prayers for the family of Kevin Baird, who passed away suddenly ten days ago.

We hold in prayer the people who have lost their homes and the many lives lost in California.

Our prayers are with Pastor Steven's brother YoungRok who continues to deal with health issues. May YoungRok feel the peace that only God can give, and may our prayers continue to support his recovery. We pray that Steven feels the depth of support of his church and the love of God as God continues to heal YoungRok.

Our prayers are with Barbara Thomas as she continues to deal with pain in her back. We offer prayers for the DeDonato family.

Our prayers continue for Rosie, Stu Fitz, the Makowski and Cajigas families, KarlAnn, Jacquie, Audrey Savwoir, Chris and Ed Brown, Gail Bean, Celie and Bob, Steven's Mother, Susumo Ando, Diana Spetta, James G., Betty Bolden, Thane Schweyer and Jolanda Rice.

" For me it is who I worship, not earthly things, status, power. Those beautiful words put me right where I want to be and not where I may have strayed to."

Faithfully, Sue Steares

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