Pastor Youngju Steven Kim
Rev. Steven Kim


Academy of Servanthood

Oftentimes God works through His people beyond their fathom. That is what I have been experiencing during my trip to South Korea as a translator for a group of 30 ministers who are from the Caribbean area. I thought I would translate mechanically for the group in the services and other venues.

But, God has had a lot more things in store on my behalf. The best phrase to describe what I am experiencing here would be Academy of Servanthood. The parishioners of BuPyung Methodist Church and all the church staff serve our group amazingly. We stay in the guest house of the church, which is a part of the church precinct. Room service, including clean-up, is taken care of by the volunteer parishioners. Meals are cooked and served by another group of volunteers. They are treating us as if we were the princes and princesses of God.

Another eye-opening experience is to be part of their early-morning prayer gathering. It starts at 5 am every day. So, we get up at 4:30 am to prepare for that. I translate the service, which lasts for thirty minutes. Then, they have an individual prayer session. I didn’t count how many people attend the early morning service and prayer. Perhaps, more than a thousand people. The individual prayer session normally lasts for another 30 minutes, at times even an hour. They like to pray with voice. I've been praying with them for my own spiritual revival and the people of Setauket UMC as well.

Over all, this has turned out to become an awakening experience for me. I am profoundly challenged in terms of servanthood and prayer life. May God help me to make the most of what I have witnessed here in serving the people of God! Praise the Lord!


In Peace