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Rev. Steven Kim


Pastoral Devotional #1: ‘Foundation of Life’


We would have been living a normal life while welcoming another springtime by now without the Coronavirus pandemic. Without it, churches should be busy in doing Lenten services and studies while preparing for Easter. Students should study in their classrooms. Businesses like restaurants and theaters should be crowded. TV channels should be broadcasting all sorts of sports games as usual. Suddenly, however, all those activities have been suspended or dwindled to the minimum in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic. It has swept over our community, our country and the whole world like a thief who breaks in a house at nighttime. 

The current crisis reminds us that how we humans are susceptible to the invisible virus, our economy can falter suddenly, and our society can struggle beyond our fathom. It also leads us to a realization that often times we’ve taken our blessings in life for granted. Think of social distancing. We do not always enjoy getting close to others in daily life. With the restrictions now in place, however, we can see better what has sustained our life on a boat called a society. 

Most of all, the Corona pandemic reminds us of the One who is the true foundation of our life. When the security of life is shaken as we see the plummeting stock market and the faltering economy, we remember God’s words that urge us to take Him only as the ultimate source of security in life. Hear the words of God in Psalm 27:1, “Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labor in vain. Unless the Lord watches over the city, the guards stand watch in vain.” (Psalm 27:1) Amen. 

(Pastoral Prayer): 

Dear God, you are the very foundation of our life. When the security of our life is under attack by the Coronavirus pandemic, we turn to you and rely on you as the ultimate source of our life. We confess our spiritual complacency. We’ve taken many blessings for granted in life. We’ve forgotten too often that you are the one who holds things together in our society. God of might, please hold our families and our community in your protection. We also lift up all the patients and medical crew to your good hands. Hold them all in your strength. And help us to see the prompt ending of the pandemic in your mercy. In Jesus’ name. Amen.


Pastor Steven


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